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Tracey Lindeman

Journalist, editor and storyteller

I'm a multi-purpose journalist and editor who writes about tech, startups, innovation, sustainability, history and whatever else lands on my desk. I'm also a managing editor @Contently.

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Truleaf article
The Globe And Mail

The future of farming is indoors

With new growing techniques, small, urban facilities can replace acres of farmland.

Beaus article
The Globe And Mail

Beau’s Brewery begins national distribution of its craft beer

“We’re not expecting lots of sales in the far-flung regions of the country, but I think it’s important for us at this point to have that national coverage,” said Beau’s founder and CEO Steve Beauchesne.

Montreal que july 8 2016 indy car racer alex tagliani2 article
The Gazette

How the Internet of Things is moving us toward connected homes

From the moment he considered building a house, Alex Tagliani knew he wanted it to be “smart” — a connected home that learns from and syncs to his family’s behaviours.

File in this oct 23 2013 file photo a marijuana plant m article article
The Gazette

The business of marijuana: As legalization looms, who is poised to profit?

Companies that have established themselves as medical-marijuana producers under Health Canada's medical-marijuana rules are now poised to dominate the recreational market, if and when it comes to become legal.

The Washington Post

Police arrest Quebec waiter for serving allergic patron

A Canadian waiter could face charges for alleged criminal negligence after a restaurant patron suffered a severe allergic reaction to salmon.

Mac01 drip pricingmerge post article

Drip, drip, drip: How Canadians pay fees for everything

'Drip pricing’ has us paying more for less—and you can thank the airlines.

Phone article

How the hacker instinct in tech culture serves both corporate goals and the public good

It’s been enormously advantageous for companies to hire people who want to crack software open to play around with its insides, because they are some of the most motivated, clever and creative people in the world.

Spoil01 article article article article
The Globe And Mail

Dear Canadian entrepreneurs: Silicon Valley wants you to stay home

“There’s so much greatness in your tech ecosystems there. It’s just about keeping the build on it. It’s about looking around and saying, ‘How do we make it great?’”

The Big Story

Quebec town ravaged by train fire wants rail to bypass it

"We don't want to be victims of human error or an accident," said Robert Bellefleur, spokesman for Lac Megantic's citizens' coalition for rail safety.

Innocite may 2016   022 article

Putting accessible streets in the palm of your hand

Two years ago, Motaz Aladas saw a news story about a person in a wheelchair who couldn’t reach the pedestrian button at stoplights and brought it up at his Ottawa dinner table with daughters Sophie and Sarah. “Let’s leverage technology to fix this problem," he said.

Lise watier courtesy of apex 2016 article
The Gazette

Q&A: How Lise Watier conquered the cosmetics world

A conversation with Quebec cosmetics icon Lise Watier, who will speak at the APEX 2016 business leadership conference in Montreal....

Open uri20160505 13134 ex2bfg article
The Globe And Mail

Technical employees undergo training to groom their social skills

Choosing an appropriate bottle of wine for a business lunch is surprisingly complicated, as Jamie Hamelin discovered....

Vr head 1 article

Will Virtual Reality Be the Future of In-flight Entertainment? | Billy

The next time you’re on a plane, look to your left and look to your right: In the future, at least one of these passengers beside you will look like a cyborg, with a virtual-reality headset strapped to their face.

Dc20160121 26 article
The Globe And Mail

Will marijuana legalization push the pusher out of business?

Drug dealers may soon have to compete with the government for business...

The Globe And Mail

Vaping businesses worried about new regulations

When Xavier Riberet and his two partners opened a vape shop in the Montreal area in 2014, e-cigarettes and vaping accessories were a booming business in Quebec. But then came new rules, and profits stalled.